The President of Poland got in an accident

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda got in an accident on the A4 highway, during the trip from Karpacz in Lewin-Brzeski. According to Polish radio station RMF FM, the limousine in which there were Duda was moving with a sufficiently high speed, when he blew a rear tire.

The driver managed to avoid collision with oncoming cars, the limousine with the President fell into a ditch, said the radio station. As a result of road accident nobody suffered Andrzej Duda nor any of the people with nothing will happen, Duda moved to another car from the convoy and continued on his way.

Duda himself in an interview with TVN said that the car skidded into a ditch, and no one was hurt. According to the President, “no serious accident has not occurred”. Duda also stressed that the driver “behaved well”. He noted that theoretically this should not have happened, because the tires should be checked regularly.

As told RMF FM, the head of the Bureau of government guard Colonel Andrzej Pawlikowski, immediately after the incident had begun a thorough investigation into the circumstances and investigation of the bursting of the tyre.