The United States will send strategic bombers B-52 for fight against ISIS

The United States will send strategic bombers b-52 to combat banned in Russia and several countries of the world terrorist group “Islamic state”. On it informs TV channel Fox News referring to the representatives of the Ministry of defense of the United States.

According to the channel, my first campaign against ISIS bombers will begin in April of this year. How many bombers will be involved is not yet known.

According to U.S. officials, the B-52 will replace the B-1 bomber, which launched air strikes on is positions in Iraq and Syria, and in January returned to base in the United States. “B-1 return, so while they are here [in the conflict zone] are not, they returned to some of their upgrade,” he told reporters commander of the headquarters U.S. air force Lieutenant-General Charles brown.

According to the officials, the capacity of one B-52 bomber is nearly 32 thousand kg. the B-52 were first raised to the skies in 1954. They regularly participate in military exercises around the world.

United States-led coalition, which includes more than 50 countries, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, conducts an air operation in Syria since September 2014. Earlier in February it was prepared to send to Syria its troops for a ground operation said Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Both countries noted that they would go for it only if you support the coalition led by the United States.