Belarus refused to let the Ukrainians with biometric passports

Citizens of Ukraine who received passports of the new type, will not be able to use them for crossing the border with Belarus, State border Committee of Belarus.

“Ukrainian citizens mistakenly expect to enter the territory of the Republic of Belarus on these new electronic documents. In this regard, please be informed that under the current bilateral Agreement between the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine from 2009 on visa-free trips of citizens, the new Ukrainian passport in the form of an ID card is not provided as a document for crossing the state border of the Republic of Belarus”, — stated in the message.

The Ministry clarified that until the settlement of all the issues the Belarusian side may pass through boundary of citizens of Ukraine only with the valid documents including a passport and the internal passport of the old sample.

New passports in the form of a plastic card of the Ukrainian authorities began to issue from January 2016. At the first stage will receive them only 16-year-old citizens who make out the passport for the first time. ID-card contains a contactless electronic media — a chip which, in addition to data on the owner of the document, the recorded biometric data is a color photograph, information about place of residence and marital status.

Paper passports of citizens of Ukraine of the old model under the current law are perpetual. To change them for biometric is the right but not the duty of every citizen of Ukraine.