Merkel accused eurosceptics in the division of German society

An interview with Merkel Bild am Sonntag, quoted by Reuters, published a week before regional elections on March 13, on which sociologists predict the success of the “Alternative for Germany”. In Saxony-Anhalt, she predicts 20% of the seats in the regional Parliament in Baden-württemberg, overcoming the 5 percent barrier.

According to Merkel, ADH is not the party which can unite the society. “They don’t offer normal solutions, and sow prejudice and polemiziruet society,” said the Chancellor. According to her, government officials and major political parties should engage in debates with ADH and to distance from their programs.

Merkel stressed the commitment not to close borders with other EU countries, hoping to find a common solution for crisis migrants. To do this, in her opinion, is possible by strengthening the external borders of the European Union and agreements with Turkey, through which refugees get into Greece and then in other European countries.

Elections in Saxony-Anhalt, Baden-württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate – the first regional vote in Germany since may of last year. In the summer the crisis began, associated with the influx of migrants to Europe, and now people for the first time can demonstrate that they think about reaction of the authorities to the situation.

The party “Alternative for Germany” was created in 2013 and was called to conservative measures in the financial sector and criticism of the EU. With this program she was able to get representation in the Parliament of Saxony in 2014, in Hamburg and Bremen in 2015.

After the change leader and the rise to leadership in the summer of 2015 former activists of the nationalist NDP, the party drastically changed the program and began to bet on criticism of migration policy of the current authorities of Germany, the demand to stop the Islamisation of Europe, to ban gay marriage, exit the Eurozone and to strengthen ties with Russia. Thanks to the active promotion of it has strengthened its position both on the East and West of Germany.