Metallinvest has estimated losses from hacker attacks at 200 million rubles.

The press service of the Metallinvestbank issued a press release in connection with information about the theft by hackers of funds from his correspondent account in the Central Bank. As follows from the release, the Bank’s losses from this attack amounted to 200 million rubles.

“The Bank assesses the size of losses from this crime 200 million rubles, the amount that the attackers tried to steal, is less than 1% of Bank assets, the amount of losses less profits of the Bank from the beginning of 2016, which is more than 400 million rubles”, — stated in the message.

At the same time, the Bank reports that most of the money written off from its correspondent account at the Central Bank, managed to block in other banks. “As a result of Bank actions, debt funds from its correspondent account was avoided, part of the funds was returned to the banks that have received funds. A large part of what was stolen is now blocked on the Bank accounts that received transfers to accounts of physical persons”, — have informed in Bank.

Attack, the Bank said, was held on 29 February. “February 29, 2016 by Metallinvestbank was foiled an attempt of misappropriation of funds by unidentified persons as a result of a hacker attack by their withdrawal from the correspondent account at the Central Bank in the amount of about 667 million rubles,” — said in a press release. From the message follows that “unidentified persons” were debited from the correspondent account of the Bank and translated them into accounts of private persons in various Russian banks.

None of the customers of the Bank, assured in a press-service, was not injured, the crime report sent to law enforcement agencies.

Previously about the theft of 677 million rubles from the accounts of Metallinvestbank reported sources in law enforcement agencies “RIA Novosti”. On March 1, a source in the Metallinvestbank confirmed the fact of a hacker attack, and that because of this, the Bank requested the Central Bank to disconnect it from the system of Bank electronic urgent payments (BESP). Later a source in the Metallinvestbank told that the Bank was able to stop hacker attack in late February, averting an even greater withdrawal. According to him, to date, managed to recover most of the stolen.

According to the rating of the portal “”, Metallinvestbank is located on 89 th place by assets.