NATO experts called beats Russia in Syria, “accurate and efficient”

The Russian aviation group in Syria highly, and the blows which it inflicts, are “accurate and effective”. Such estimates are contained in the secret report of NATO, writes about the German edition of Focus.

According to the authors of the report, the pilots of the Russian Military space forces have a high level of professional training. Thus, despite the numerical superiority the US-led coalition in Syria, the strikes of the Russian VC deals more damage to fighters is forbidden in Russia grouping “Islamic state”, says the magazine analysts NATO.

Experts believe that higher efficiency VKS RF are associated with better training of pilots and with a higher frequency of strikes. In addition, the combat capabilities of the Russian su-35, according to analysts, in its class, superior characteristics of most aircraft of Western production.

The message about the transfer on Hamim air base in Syria, Russia’s newest fighter su-35S arrived in early February. The official representative of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov said then, all the Russian aircraft will climb in the Syrian sky under cover of the Russian and Syrian fighters and modern Sam systems, including the s-400.

On March 2 the commander in chief of NATO forces in Europe Philip Breedlove stated that the Syrian planes and the Russian VKS used in Syria “inaccurate” weapon.

On 27 February the head of the main operational Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Federation Sergey rudskoy has informed that in accordance with the undertaken obligations of the Russian aviation group in Syria ceased to strike in districts whose representatives sent applications ceasefire.