The party of the Slovak Prime Minister was ranked first in the parliamentary elections

As reported by Reuters, according to the results of counting 50% of votes the party fico “Death” that is opposed to EU quotas on the admission of refugees and against anti-Russian sanctions, has obtained the support of 29% came to the polls. This is significantly lower than 35%, which recorded the opinion polls shortly before the vote.

As the leader of the winning party, fico will receive priority right to form the Cabinet of Ministers, however it will not be easy. Preliminary data show that the Parliament can get 9 batches, some of which will be able to organize the center-right opposition coalition. The head of Slovak libertarians Richard Sulik has said that he is ready to try to form a government, if fico does not enlist the support of majority of MPs.

Sulik didn’t wait for the final counting of the votes, because in the middle of the night in the hospital. One of his associates decided to open champagne with a sword and accidentally cut policy hand.

An important factor will be the position of far-right, which in the elections secured the support of 8.6%. Their leader Marian Kotleba, which the Governor of the Central Slovakia, previously remembered by the voters calling for the same reforms that have been undertaken in Slovakia in the early 1940s, when this country was an ally of Nazi Germany during World war II. In addition he was investigated in connection with attacks on Kotleba to the Gypsies.

Fico, who had left, tried to enlist the support of the Slovaks at the expense of populist measures. In particular, under him the country was allowed free travel on trains for students and pensioners. In addition, he publicly opposed the policy of multiculturalism, calling it “nonsense”. Opponents were accused fico in populism and the reluctance to pursue overdue reforms in education and health.