The U.S. and South Korea will hold the largest ever joint exercise

South Korea and the United States on Monday, March 7, will begin joint exercises that will last until April 30, reports the South Korean Agency Yonhap. According to the source Agency in the military sphere, these exercises will be the largest in the history of cooperation between the two States in the military. The purpose of the joint exercises, said the source, Yonhap, is a warning to the DPRK.

In the exercises called Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, will take part more than 300 thousand troops from South Korea and 15 thousand soldiers.

During the exercise, the allies will reinforce the monitoring activity hundred by North Korea. “We will conduct exercises, while maintaining readiness for a North Korean provocations. If North [Korea] will make a provocation to our address during the exercise, our troops and U.S. forces will respond tenfold”, — the source said to Yonhap.

Joint military exercises the U.S. and South Korea will be held amid rising tensions between Pyongyang and Seoul. In January 2016, the DPRK announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb, and later — about the successful launch of the rocket which put into orbit the satellite 4 Kwangmyongsong (“Bright star-4”) designed to monitor the Earth.

The launch was criticized by almost all countries, including Russia. The UN Security Council adopted a package of tougher sanctions about the DPRK.

Washington and Seoul after the North Korean rocket launch announced the beginning of negotiations on a placement in South Korea of the advanced missile defense systems the U.S. THAAD to defend the country in connection with the increased missile activity in neighbouring North Korea. In this case against the deployment on the Korean Peninsula these systems were made by China and Russia.

In February, the Americans deployed to the Korean Peninsula three additional air defense missile system of air defence Patriot, which were stationed in Texas.