Tkachev does not see anything reprehensible in that his family is agribusiness in the Kuban

VLADIVOSTOK, March 6. The Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev sees nothing reprehensible in the fact that his relatives are involved in agricultural business in the Krasnodar region. He said this in an interview on NTV.

“The Commission (on application by the Minister of a conflict of interests – ed.) works, the results are still unknown to me. But I hope, I watched my lawyers, I know the situation from the inside, nothing wrong, absolutely a work process,” he said.

According to the Minister, his relatives do not enjoy any preferences by any constraints. “It (the company) develops as a business, commercial entity. Has the right of it,” – said the Minister.

According to Tkachev, the relatives should not sell the business because of his office. “My family – if I’m a Minister, this does not mean that they have the business to sell. It’s their life, their destiny. Entire generations. My father created this company. I believe that everything will be fine”, – said Tkachev.

The question of a possible conflict of interest due to the fact that relatives of the Minister are the founders of a number of commercial entities engaged in agricultural activity, was raised in November 2015 during the meeting, Tkachev with the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma.

Tkachev was appointed Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation in the spring of 2015. Prior to that, he held the post of Governor of the Krasnodar territory. One of the largest agricultural holdings of the region is JSC “Agrocomplex”. N. And. Tkachev, which was founded by the father of Minister and bears his name. The holding unites over 60 companies that are engaged in livestock, crop production, poultry farming, feed production, meat processing. In addition, the holding owns more than 600 retail outlets.