In Moscow threw eggs at the Embassy of Ukraine

The Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow pelted with eggs, reports “Interfax”.

Dozens of activists protested against the attack on the building of the Russian diplomatic mission in Kiev. They chanted the slogan: “Hands off our diplomats”. In the hands of the protesters were holding placards “Kiev junta got game”, “Ukraine — you’re sick. Wise up, what are you doing” and Russian flags. Shortly before the rally started, the police increased security measures at the building of the diplomatic mission.

According to TASS, the Embassy brought together about 150 people, they also shouted the slogan “Fascism will not pass”.

Right now, the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow, picket, police vans and the police

— Philipp Kireev (@mynameisphilipp) 6 March 2016.

The rally was held without arrests. After graduation, according to “Interfax”, the activists dispersed, and the police removed one row of fences in front of the Embassy.

The action was a response to protests near the building of the Russian Embassy in Kyiv, which occurred on the night of March 6 and repeated in the afternoon on Sunday. At night the activists pelted the building of the diplomatic mission pyrotechnics and flares. In addition, a group of unidentified “in camouflage and balaclavas and armed with baseball bats attacked a parked near the Russian Embassy in Kiev cars”, resulting in three cars were damaged, told the press-Secretary of Embassy Oleg Grishin. It was later published video of this action, that it was held under the slogan “free Nadiya Savchenko”. In connection with the night attack the Russian Embassy in Ukraine sent the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry a note of protest.

In the afternoon on Sunday, activists took to the Kiev Maidan, and then also went to the Embassy. Initially, as said Grishin, the action took place peacefully and without incident, but later, the protesters pelted the building with eggs and stones, resulting in broken Windows and cameras of the Embassy. The protesters also chanted slogans in support of Savchenko, in particular “Nadia will!”. The most radical activists tried to break into the Embassy.

Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko is accused of complicity in murder on motives of political hatred of two Russian journalists in the Luhansk region in June 2014. Investigators believe that she was covert surveillance and spotting for the artillery section of the militia checkpoint, where civilians, including employees of VGTRK media holding. Her actions, according to investigators, led to the deaths of journalists Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin.

Savchenko denies the charges. During his appearances in court, she and her lawyers emphasized that she was detained before he opened fire on the journalists. The pilot claims that the militias were holding her captive, and later in several cars moved to Voronezh. Savchenko also said she has no sorties. “I didn’t fly and didn’t shoot at live people from a helicopter,” — said Savchenko.

Case Savchenko considers the court of the city of Donetsk, Rostov region. On March 2, the public prosecution asked to sentence her to 23 years in prison. On March 3 the pilot was on hunger strike due to the fact that the judge postponed it the last word on March 9th.