Reuters: Apple computers was first struck by the virus

NEW YORK, March 7. The Macintosh computers of the American company Apple was first struck by the malware. This was reported by Reuters.

According to the publication, a program called “KeRanger” encrypts data on an infected computer and then asks users to pay a ransom in trudnoizlechimykh digital currencies to get an electronic key to access their data. Thus, the virus became the first who managed to circumvent the protection Apple computers.

“This is the first defeat of Apple computers is really a functioning program, it encrypts the data and requires users pay”, – quotes Agency the Ryan Olson, Director of cybersecurity at Palo Alto Networks.

Last Friday, hackers spread malicious software through downloading it on the website of the program Transmission, which is intended for data transmission via a torrent tracker BitTorrent, cloaking it under a new version of the program. Once installed on the computer, it is in idle mode for three days, and then encrypts the user’s files, demanding a ransom in the amount of 1 bitcoin (approximately $400).

At the moment malware is removed from the site, also users can download the new version of Transmission, which removes automatically installed on the computer virus disguised as her.

“Those users who did not manage to remove the virus, you may lose all of your data already on Monday, because the program showed Friday, is activated in three days,” said Olson.

In turn, Apple representatives said that the company is taking all necessary steps to prevent the further spread of malware.