The end of the year the strategic missile forces will receive 20 new Intercontinental missile “YARS”

For 2016 five regiments of the strategic Missile forces (RVSN) will receive on arms about 20 new Intercontinental ballistic missiles “YARS”, the press service of the defense Ministry.

The report notes that the strategic missile forces in 2015 already modernized missile complex “YARS” rolling ground and stationary bases having improved capabilities to overcome missile defense systems.

In 2016 five more regiments will reequip themselves on this complex. Will start re-equipment of the Irkutsk and Yoshkar-Ola divisions, will continue — Novosibirsk and Kozelsk, Nizhny Tagil. In these compounds received two dozen Intercontinental ballistic missiles”, — quotes “RIA Novosti” press-release the Ministry of defense.

The defense Ministry said that the share of modern missile complexes within the strategic missile forces was 56%, and by 2022 it will increase to 100%.

In January, a representative of the strategic missile forces major Dmitry Andreyev told that the number of test launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles in 2016 will be doubled. If last year the strategic missile forces performed eight rocket launches, for 2016 scheduled 16 launches of Intercontinental missiles. These include flight tests of advanced weapons. During start-up also carries out the control of technical readiness of missile systems adopted for service.