The ruble at the opening of trading strengthened against the dollar and Euro

The ruble strengthened by the opening of trading on the Moscow exchange on Monday, 7 March. Exchange rate of the dollar fell below fell compared to the previous closing on 29 kopecks. and amounted to $ 71,696 rubles, the Euro fell to a 78,777 rubles, which is by 40.2 kopecks below the previous close.

The strengthening of the national currency contributed to the increase of oil prices.

Cost of may futures for Brent crude during trading on London’s stock exchange on Monday climbed above $39 per barrel.

The rise in oil prices takes place against the background of reducing the number of drilling rigs in the United States.

The dollar sank to the level of 71,87 rubles during trading on the Moscow exchange in the evening on Friday 4 March. Then the ruble also strengthened against the background of rising oil prices. The trades closed at the level 71.97 rubles per dollar. Prior to that, the American currency was traded below 72 rubles at the end of December 2015.

The Euro during trading on Friday amid rising oil prices dropped below 79 rubles, at a minimum, the Euro was worth 78,972 rubles At the close of trading, the European currency rose to 79.2 RUB.