The Syrian opposition announced agreement to participate in peace talks

Key opposition force, participating in a civil settlement, Supreme Committee for the negotiations of the Syrian opposition, said about the readiness to participate in negotiations in Geneva, Reuters reported. Autonewline of negotiations was scheduled for March 9.

RAID Nassan yeah, the representative of the Higher Committee on negotiations, told the news Agency that the opposition “is inclined to arrive [at the Geneva talks]”. According to him, the opposition will begin to gather in Geneva on 11 March. He expressed the hope that does not happen anything that would prevent the Higher Committee on negotiations of the Syrian opposition to participate in negotiations.

“We started to notice that the violations [of ceasefire] started to decline in the last two days. We hope that in the next few days, until Friday, the violations will stop,” he said.

The Syrian opposition has repeatedly stated that its participation in the talks on the Syrian settlement is a ceasefire by government forces. Since February 27, in Syria a ceasefire. Exceptions are the militants of the “Islamic state”, “jabhat al-EN-Nusra” (both groups are banned in Russia) and other organizations recognized as terrorist the security Council.