IMF: growth in the number of women in the company increases its profits

IMF: growth in the number of women in the company increases its profits

WASHINGTON, March 7. /Corr. Anton Freaks/. The increasing number of women in the company leads to improved performance. Such conclusion contains in the published report of the International monetary Fund (IMF) “realizing the potential of women’s employment in Europe”, dedicated to International women’s day.

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“The increasing numbers of women in the workforce leads to better performance of firms, – the document says. Empirical data indicate a strong direct link between gender diversity in top positions in firms and financial performance of corporations”. In the IMF stress that the presence of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in leadership positions “increases the profit of the company”, “supports corporate investment and performance”, as well as not tolerate “a slowdown in Europe”.

However, notes the Fund, along with such issues as aging population and decreasing productivity growth, Europe’s economy there are problems with women’s employment. “Despite considerable progress in recent decades, the labour market in Europe is still less than women of working age than men, and women are more likely to work part-time, – say specialists. – Additionally, a smaller proportion of women reaches the top rungs of the career ladder”.

In the IMF believe that for women in Europe, the decision about employment is not only limited to personal choice. For them are also important support measures from the authorities. As an example, economists refer to the possibility of weakening of the tax regime for women as the “second earner” that can stimulate their employment. Experts believe that this may effect the provision of various government services to make it easier for women to juggle work with managing a household and caring for family.