Michael Bloomberg refused to participate in the fight for U.S. presidency

Ex-new York mayor Michael Bloomberg said he will not join the fight for the U.S. presidency. In the column on the website BloŠ¾mberg View he explained that his nomination could lead to a victory Donald trump or Senator from Texas Ted Cruz.

“When I looked at the data, it became clear to me that if I enter the race, then I win. I believe that we can win in some multinational stitch, but it’s not enough to get the needed to win 270 votes in the electoral College,” wrote Bloomberg.

The billionaire also said that even if he received a majority of votes, it is unlikely to be defeated because “most members of Congress would vote for candidates from their own parties”. “Adherents of the parties in Congress, not the American people or the electoral College will determine the next President,” said Bloomberg.

Former new York mayor recalled that currently, the Republicans control both houses of Congress. “Because of this, the chances that my nomination is given to the election of Donald trump or Senator Ted Cruz. This is not a risk I could go with a clear conscience,” explained the billionaire.