Moscow called impermissible threat to the DPRK about a preventive nuclear strike

Pyongyang’s statements about threats to inflict “preventive nuclear strikes” against its opponents are categorically impermissible, said in a statement the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Pyongyang should be aware that by doing so, the DPRK finally oppose the international community, provides the international legal basis for the use of military forces in accordance with enshrined in the UN Charter a state’s right to self-defence,” — said in a diplomatic office.

Moscow also criticized the U.S. and South Korea, March 7, which began joint military exercises. Although they are formally and routine, “in reality, are unprecedented in their scope, number and types of weapons involved, and the type of the fulfilled operations”, stressed the Foreign Ministry. North Korea, which is called the object of this activity, “can not experience a reasonable concern for their safety”, the report says. “Russia has repeatedly declared his opposition to such manifestations of the military-political pressure on Pyongyang,” concludes Meade.

Seoul and Washington Monday training, which will last until April 30.

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The source of the South Korean Agency Yonhap called their largest ever collaboration between the two countries in the military sphere. They involve more than 300 thousand troops from South Korea and 15 thousand soldiers. They will strengthen the monitoring of activity on the part of North Korea. Yonhap interlocutor emphasized that “troops and U.S. forces will respond tenfold” if it perceives a provocation from Pyongyang.

Shortly after it became known about the drills, North Korea has threatened the U.S. and South Korea “preventive nuclear strike of justice”. State defense Committee (GKO) of the DPRK called their teachings “the explicit training of nuclear war”, which threaten the sovereignty of North Korea, and threatened a General offensive in response to “even the slightest military action”.