Stoltenberg spoke about the attempts of Russia to split NATO

Russia uses different methods to split NATO. About this NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with si-EN-EN.

“For a long time we see a more determined Russia that uses various methods to intimidate their neighbors and to divide the Alliance,” said Stoltenberg.

According to the Secretary General, NATO officials responded to these challenges, “strengthening the unity” of the Alliance. “In addition, we have adapted our military policy to the new security environment”, he said.

Commenting on the events in Syria, Stoltenberg said that NATO is “concerned about the strengthening of Russia, including the placement of aviation and ground forces, as well as a presence in the Eastern Mediterranean”. The Secretary General explained that in response, the Alliance is forced to increase its military presence in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean”.

“We see how Russia is trying to divide NATO, but these attempts are not successful because we spaceno answer them,” — said Stoltenberg, stressing that the Alliance increased the readiness of its forces. He also recalled that member countries of the EU and other States have imposed sanctions against Moscow.