The EU supported the proposal of Turkey to stop flow of refugees

The EU agreed with the major provisions of the plan to end the flow of refugees that were invited by Ankara. About that German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after a 15-hour summit Eurosense and Turkey, reports Reuters.

According to Merkel, the plan presented Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in General, was endorsed by the EU. The Chancellor said that the parties must work out some details to reach a final agreement by the next EU summit on March 17-19. Offers Ankara Merkel called a potential breakthrough in the situation with refugees.

Ankara has declared its readiness to take back all migrants who have already reached Europe, as well as to intercept refugees in their territorial waters. In exchange, the authorities demand to double by 2018 funding for the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Turkey. In addition, the EU should commit to accept a single Syrian refugee directly from Turkey in exchange for one of the migrant returned from the Greek Islands in the Aegean sea.

Among the conditions is also present Ankara on visa liberalization for Turkish citizens since the end of June this year and the opening of additional negotiating positions for the country’s integration into the European Union.

Speaking about the prospect of Turkey joining the EU, Merkel noted that “this issue is not on the agenda”. However the Chancellor noted that if Ankara meets the requirement for the return of illegal migrants, she holds a visa-free regime since June of this year.

The head of the European Council Donald Tusk at the summit said that “in the days of illegal migration in Europe is over. “The Turkish Prime Minister reiterated that Turkey will take back refugees detained in Turkish waters,” — Tusk wrote on his Twitter page.