The EU will pay Turkey $3.3 billion for the maintenance of refugees

As noted in the draft of the EC regulation, which became available to Reuters, stated that Brussels will provide Turkey, 3 billion euros ($3.3 billion) by 2018, which is double the amount that both parties have discussed previously. In addition, the EU agreed to soften visa requirements for Turkish citizens by the end of June, i.e. earlier than it was stipulated in previous agreements.

In exchange, Turkey agreed to take back all illegal migrants from the Greek Islands who arrived in the EU from its territory. And will be no exception and refugees from Syria.

As previously said the Agency Bloomberg, the Prime Minister of Ireland, ENDA Kenny, Turkey has put forward new conditions before the EU summit, the main theme of which was the decision of the refugee problem. In Ankara said in response that it is not about conditions, and about proposals that will lead to the resolution of the crisis. In addition to the additional payments and easing of the visa regime, they were reduced in number to simplify the conditions for accession to the EU. “Turkey is ready to work with the EU and is ready to become an EU member,” — said on this occasion, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

As an argument in favor of Ankara leads a decrease in the number of refugees entering Greece. :If in December there were 27 thousand, in February this indicator has decreased to 8000 per week.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the talks “difficult”.