“Victory” from the end of may opens regular flights from Ekaterinburg to Sochi and Anapa

YEKATERINBURG, March 7. Loukoster “Victory” in late may, will compete with “the Ural airlines” and “Yamal” airline opened regular flights from Ekaterinburg to Anapa and Sochi. As reported on Monday in a press-service of administration of Ekaterinburg, compete to “Win” with other carriers, will cost – the minimum cost of one way ticket is 999 rubles.

“Victory” reported the discovery in late may, regular flights from Ekaterinburg to Anapa and Sochi. Flight frequency will be 1-2 flights per week. The minimum price declared by the airline – 999 rubles to one side,” – said the press service.

According to the online scoreboard Ekaterinburg Koltsovo airport, while flights from Yekaterinburg to Anapa is at “Ural airlines” and “Yamal”. The average cost of a one-way ticket is about 10 thousand rubles. Flights from Ekaterinburg to Sochi perform airline Orenair (Orenburg airlines) and “Ural airlines”. The average cost of one ticket in one direction – from 8 thousand roubles.

The airline “Victory” was founded in September 2014 based on the loukoster “Dobrolet”, which came under Western sanctions.