Andrey Korkunov and the head of “Splat” will lead the alternative to the “party of business”

Another platform

This week “United Russia” will announce the launch of a new party platform business, said a source in the leadership of the party and confirmed a member of the Supreme Council, businessman Mikhail Levchuk from the company “Argus-Spectrum”.

The platform will be three co-chairs, all of them are somehow already have a relationship to the party, tell two people close to the project. They will become the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Anchor Bank Andrey Korkunov (former producer of well-known brands of sweets) and the General Director of “Splat” (produces including toothpastes) Evgeny Demin — both in the last Congress joined the Supreme Council of “United Russia”. Another co-chair will become the acting Deputy of the state Duma, member of the Board Trading-industrial chamber Tatyana Alekseeva, it was she, according to one of interlocutors , mainly will conduct organizational work in the platform. A source in the parliamentary faction says that Alexeyev invited to the meeting of the party’s General Council on 10 March, which will discuss a new platform, but “no one is yet to be confirmed”.

Why party entrepreneurs

The task of making a new entrepreneurial structure within the party has put the United Russia leader Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the last Congress in early February.

Platforms — is intra-party ideological unification. Still in the party there were three of them, they became successors of discussion clubs — social-conservative and state-Patriotic and liberal. None of them, even liberal subject was not engaged in the agenda of entrepreneurs, and now offers business it is important to hear, says a source in the party.

That is why in the last Congress in the governing bodies of the party included many businessmen, says United Russia. In addition Demina, korkunova and Levchuk in the high Council of “United Russia” now the General Director of “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev, the Vice-President “Support of Russia” Marina bludyan, as well as lesser-known businessmen Artem Androsov (the”city Tires) and Artem Artemiev (“Ural weight”). It is expected that many of them will be involved in the platform.

Medvedev, offering the right platform, saying that she needed “to work more effectively with businesses, for forming rational policy in the business sphere”.

In fact, party members do not intend to give Boris Titov of business the agenda and to allow the voices of the businessmen went to him, said a source in the leadership of “United Russia”. Of course, we are talking about creating alternative party Titova, as well as the Communists, who in recent times struggling for the entire electorate, including the right, Levchuk said.

The representative Boris Titov Tatyana Marchenko said that it was unlikely between the platform and the party may be competition, but rather is the interaction. For example, Levchuk Titov known by “Business Russia”, took it example.

Is it dangerous cause

Presidential Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov headed the Right cause at the end of February. He told me that will turn it into a party of businessmen and the middle class. The party has positioned itself as a radical opposition: the Congress of the Right cause party called for several United Russia, and Titov in an interview on the eve of Congress told me that the question of the creation of the party of business has worked in the Department of internal policy of the Kremlin administration. The Kremlin has criticized Titova for frankness: the representative of the political administration said that the structure has no relation to the political ambitions of the Ombudsman.

The project of the liberal party really worked in the Kremlin, but in its current form it is not the exclusive project of the political unit, and tasks “to drag” party through the five percent barrier put no, says a source close to the Kremlin. Titov in the party can gather some strong politicians who will win in single-member districts, predicts a source. Thanks to the victory of independent candidates to gain representation in the Duma will be three or four such non-parliamentary parties, he said.

For the Right cause strong odnomandatniki can become Oksana Dmitrieva, who can win in St. Petersburg, said the source . Her nomination was recommended by “top”, knows another source close to the Kremlin, confirms a source close to those negotiations. Dmitriev said that he had discussed an Alliance with the party Titova “with different people”. While the question of the merger of her Party headed by professionals with the “Right thing” is not, patterns only “entered into an informal electoral coalition,” she says.

“Cause” is not yet an such power, which would make sense to oppose something, so the new platform of United Russia is unlikely to be created in opposition to the party Titova, says political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov. Rather, the United Russia is trying to take the place Titov was released, when it began to position itself not only as a business man in power, but as an independent political figure. “Entrepreneurs, especially regional ones, being the deputies of the regional Dumas, members of the political Council, left unattended,” says the analyst.