Attack after lull: as used the ceasefire the Syrian opposition


The opposition Syrian troops launched a counteroffensive in several directions. On March 7, the troops of Assad has left a strategic height al-Navara in the North of Latakia province. Government troops occupied a height of ten days.

According to the Iranian Agency Fars, the government army retreated under the onslaught of several hundred militant group “Jaish al-Fatah” supported by artillery fire from Turkey.

On the South of the province, opposition forces also attacked the enemy troops. Detachments of the terrorist organization “al-Nusra Front” (banned in Russia) and “Jund al-Aqsa” captured two vertices in the village of al-AIS. In parallel, according to unconfirmed reports, the insurgents attacked the area North of airport Abu ad-Ḑuhūr under the control of the opposition.

“A truce, in fact, untied the hands of the opposition,” — said the Deputy Director of the Institute for political and military analysis Alexander Khramchikhin. According to him, the ceasefire is not good for the government troops did not promise. Partially agree with him military expert Viktor Litovkin. “On the one hand, the truce is always in favor of the losing side. But on the other — the Syrian army needs a break after five years of fighting”, — develops the idea of the expert. Litovkin notes that without the support of the Russian VKS combat capability of troops Assad decrease, which affects the military situation. The opposition activities of the Federal Assembly communicates with the upcoming negotiations. “Each party wants to consolidate the achievements, to extort concessions from the opposite side from a position of strength,” said the military expert. However, it is not certain that the rebels occupied the city of paramount. “There are important points like Aleppo, and there are less important areas”, — stressed the following points.

Only in recent days, according to the Russian defense Ministry, the ceasefire was violated eight times. Military report on the continued shelling of settlements in the provinces of Damascus, Dara’a and Hama. The center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, also said that the unit violations were on the part of militants of the “Front EN-Nusra”.


Together with the opposition intensified terrorist groups, including Islamic state (organization banned in Russia), which is not included in the agreement on the termination of the truce. Clashes with militants occur throughout the contact area.

Day on March 8, the terrorists attacked the frontier of the Turkish territory. From two to eight fired shells exploded in the city of Kilis. According to preliminary data, one person was killed. In response, the Turkish military opened fire on the territory controlled by terrorists. Earlier, Kurdish armed groups have stated that Turkey is shelling not far from Kilesa.

A day earlier, ISIS terrorists blew up a bomb in the city of al-Qamishli. As a result of the terrorist act suffered from three to five people. The city is under control of government forces and Kurdish troops. The responsibility for the explosion at the moment, has claimed none of the parties fighting in Syria.

The exchange of accusations

Sides continue to accuse each other of violating the ceasefire. So, 7 March, the coordinator of the Syrian armed opposition Riad Hijab announced that the Republican army, with the support of the Russian aircraft violated the truce in Aleppo — the second largest city of the country. The battle for the Northern capital of Syria are more than a month, however, Assad’s troops failed to take the city completely under control.

The Russian side has not commented on these accusations. In the official report of the Centre for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria military indicate that the HQs detachment, based in Syria, made attacks “on opposition armed groups, announced the cessation of hostilities”. The Ministry of defence continues to insist that Aleppo is under the control of the terrorist organization “Front EN-Nusra”, which is not included in the ceasefire.

The truce

The truce declared on 27 February, should contribute to the beginning of political talks between the Syrian regime and the opposition. But the talks have not started. In late February, UN special envoy for Syria Stephan de Mistura said that he was ready to assemble the parties for negotiations on 7 March, then moved them on 9 March, a new date for his representative announced on Tuesday: 14 March to begin the main part of the negotiations with participation of all stakeholders.

In support of the talks were the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. During Friday’s telephone conversation, Lavrov said that they should involve all parties to the conflict, including Syrian Kurds, but against this is Turkey — a U.S. ally. The Syrian opposition has not yet made a decision on participation in the negotiations. For discussion of the issue, it will gather in the Saudi capital Riyadh, reported “Interfax” the representative of the Higher Committee on negotiations Riyadh, Naasan yeah.

Despite the postponement of talks on the future of Syria, the parties engaged in a dialogue about the situation on the fronts. On Wednesday the planned meeting of the task force monitoring the ceasefire.

In Syria also is working on national reconciliation, said the official SANA news Agency. Work is under way for the convening a comprehensive conference for bringing together the committees for national reconciliation, operating on the territory of the province and the city of Damascus, leads the Agency the words of the Minister for national reconciliation Ali Haidar.