Chemezov told about the “big mistake” Bo Andersson

The decision of the head of AVTOVAZ Bo Andersson is not to intensify cooperation with Russian suppliers has led the carmaker to losses, said the head of the Corporation “rostec” Sergey Chemezov in an interview with the Agency TASS.

According to Mr Chemezov, Andersson as head of Russia’s largest automaker “went the easiest path” — has concluded agreements for the supply of components from suppliers, automakers Renault and Nissan. The head of Rostec called it “a big mistake”.

“Andersson believes that the Russian suppliers of poor quality, but I always told him — needs to work with them and get to work themselves, to help them attract the same foreign partners to establish joint ventures,” — said Chemezov.

According to Mr Chemezov, the head of AVTOVAZ did not listen to his advice, which led the carmaker to loss, a major share of which due to procurement of components. Andersson “did a lot for the company came to the deplorable situation in which it is today”, said the head of Rostec.

He noted that a positive impact on Bo Andersson, AVTOVAZ is that it updated the line of produced cars. At the same time, Chemezov said that “the foundations for the development of these models” were made by the team of Igor Komarov, AVTOVAZ head from 2009 to 2013. “They started the X-Ray and Vesta. Andersson has launched the model in series”, — said Sergey Chemezov.

The head of Rostec, which owns a blocking stake of AVTOVAZ, not first complain to the activities of the leadership of the automaker. In November 2015 Chemezov said that if job cuts management had to act “sensitively”. “Method of circumcision, the people kicked to the street. This practice, probably European, we believe that this can not be done, you should be more flexible,” he commented.

Mr Andersson joined AVTOVAZ in January 2014 after the departure of the former President of the company Igor Komarov in the “Roskosmos”. A three-year contract Andersson expires in December 2016. In an interview to the question, how many years he would like to work in AVTOVAZ, the top Manager said: “I am 60 years old, and I’m coming to the end of a professional career. I want to make a successful and profitable AVTOVAZ”.

By the end of 2015 AVTOVAZ reported a record loss. According to IFRS, the company’s net loss in 2015 increased compared with 2014 in to 2.94 times $ 73,851 bn on 7 March, the company Alliance Rostec Auto BV, a joint venture of Rostec and Renault-Nissan officially announced the departure of Bo Andersson as President of AVTOVAZ. The Board of Directors March 15, should name the successor who will lead the phase of the operation to bring the company out of crisis.