Dairy farmers warned about the threat to stop deliveries to stores

The national Union of milk producers (“Soyuzmoloko”, it includes Danone and PepsiCo) has sent letters to Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov and the Deputy head of the Ministry of economic development Oleg Fomichyov with a request to cancel an order from the agriculture Ministry that obliges them to March to issue veterinary accompanying documents for packaged drinking milk, reports “Kommersant”.

The order of the Ministry of agriculture is registered by Ministry of justice on 17 February 2016, it requires manufacturers to issue veterinary accompanying documents in respect of each batch of product produced from March 2016.

In the “Soyuzmoloko” stated that the order was for the producers by surprise. “The order was developed without public discussion and adopted with obvious violations <.>. the procedures of regulatory impact assessment”, — stated in the letters of Union to the government seen by Kommersant.

PepsiCo believes that the order is contrary to the law “On veterinary medicine”: according to it, drinking milk is included in the number of goods (for example, condensed milk and butter), veterinary accompanying documents which will need to only provide as of 1 January 2018 and in electronic form only. In PepsiCo also warned about the possible termination of the supply of milk to the stores for a new order of the Ministry of agriculture.

“In fact, since March of this year can be discontinued and can be stopped the supply of drinking milk to retail outlets, because none of the market participants cannot comply with the requirements of this document,” said communications Director PepsiCo Marina zibareva.

Director of public relations and state bodies the group Danone in Russia Marina Balabanova, in turn, noted in conversation with “Kommersant” that the introduction of new measures will increase production costs and, consequently, higher prices.

“If to impose costs on the veterinary in the form in which it exists now, the price of the product, they will add to the selling price of approximately 10%,” she says. At PepsiCo predict the cost growth of 5.5-5.9 per cent.

The press service of the Ministry of economy declared to the edition that the letter from “Soyuzmoloko” the office has not yet been reported. Press Secretary Arkady Dvorkovich said that the letter “is considering”

In networks Auchan, “Azbuka Vkusa”, “Globus”, “Tape” and “Diksi” have informed that yet did not receive from suppliers any information about possible problems with supplies — now shipping are normally.