Hackers stole money from the Bangladeshi Central Bank from the account of the U.S. Federal reserve

The attackers were able to steal part of the assets of the Central Bank of Bangladesh, kept the in the account at the Federal reserve Bank of new York key Bank of the Federal reserve system of the USA. In Bangladesh the Central Bank has said that unknown hackers got access to the account, then gave the order about withdrawal, some of which were later discovered in the Philippines, according to Reuters.

Part of the money has already been returned, currently the Central Bank of Bangladesh continues to investigate the incident together with the financial security of the Philippines. The exact amount of losses in Dhaka declined to disclose. Gross foreign reserves of Bangladesh is estimated at $28 billion.

In turn, representatives of the new York fed assured that when carrying out transactions followed normal procedure and did not record any signs of hacking their security systems.

“The payment was fully confirmed by the SWIFT system in accordance with all standard authentication protocols”, — stated in the message of the Federal reserve Bank. The Bank has also explained that providing the Central Bank of Bangladesh, all necessary assistance in the investigation of the incident.

The investigation of the causes of the incident reported and the representatives of the international system of information exchange between banks the SWIFT. SWIFT emphasized that they saw no signs of vulnerabilities their system.