In the Russian defense Ministry said the truce in Syria

In the Russian defense Ministry said the truce in Syria

MOSCOW, March 7. The cessation of hostilities, entered February 27, 2016 in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic on the initiative of Russia and the USA as co-chairs of the International support group in Syria, was generally respected.

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Marked only individual provocations and shelling, said the official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov.

According to him, in these conditions to the fore the issues of safe return to their homes of civilians and delivery of humanitarian assistance. Currently need it especially children, the elderly and all those who because of several years of civil war had to leave their homes, becoming refugees.

“In the Syrian province of Hama, HOMS, Latakia, Deraa, Deir ezzor, Aleppo and in Damascus we have already delivered and handed over to the local population of more than 620 tons of humanitarian aid, medicines and basic necessities, – said the representative of the Ministry of defense. – Moreover, on the basis of numerous references of heads of local administrations, as well as its own data, on March 2, the Russian Center for reconciliation in Syria prepared a list of locations in need of priority the delivery of humanitarian assistance. The document – and this particular list is transferred to the United Nations”.

He expressed the hope that “the assessment of Russian reconciliation Centre on the humanitarian situation in various provinces of Syria will be properly taken into account”.

The defense Ministry will help the international organizations in sending humanitarian aid

However, Konashenkov noticed that in the preparation of the international organizations to be sent to Syria with humanitarian assistance, there are numerous challenges, primarily related to logistics. And this is a warehousing, packing, delivery and distribution of humanitarian assistance on the ground.

“The main thing is that all hosts need help to reach them in full, you need to attract professionals with sufficient knowledge and professional experience, especially when dropping cargo from the air,” – said the representative of the Russian Ministry of defense. According to him, more than 30 tons of humanitarian aid and basic necessities were delivered with the help of Russian parachute systems to residents besieged by terrorists of the city of Deir ez-Zor.

Konashenkov noted the importance and complexity of the process of organizing the delivery of humanitarian supplies. “Therefore, the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation is ready to render all necessary assistance to the international and foreign organizations in the delivery of humanitarian aid in the Syrian Arab Republic,” he said. It is about providing opportunities for discharge and temporary storage of humanitarian aid to the Syrian population on point logistics Russian Navy in the port of Tartus. assist in receiving cargo aircraft with humanitarian aid for the Syrian population to ensure their discharge and temporary storage at the airbase Hamim.

The Russian side also is ready to allocate the required number of vehicles for transportation and delivery of humanitarian cargo from the port of Tartus and base Hamim in the areas of direct aid to the needy Syrians, to organize the reception at the airbase Hamim transport aircraft delivering humanitarian aid to the Syrian people with the help of the landing, and the allocation for consulting and providing professional support to the Russian military specialists.

The truce in Syria

The ceasefire in Syria is in effect from 27 February. The truce does not apply to the terrorist organization “dzhebhat EN-nusra”, “Islamic state” (both organizations are banned in Russia) and other formation deemed terrorist by the UN Security Council.

According to the Russian military, the truce is generally followed, but only in recent days were 15 registered violations of the ceasefire.

VKS RF does not strike at supporting the regime of silence

The representative of the defense Ministry once again drew attention that, in fulfilling their commitments, the aircraft of the Russian air group in Syria does not strike at armed groups that supported the cessation of hostilities, and reporting in the Russian or American centers of reconciliation information on its location. Planes from the air base HQs Hamim strike only terrorist groups the Islamic state and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (both groups were banned in Russia) in the provinces of raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor and near the settlement of tadmur in HOMS province.