LDPR proposes to nationalize heavy industry

LDPR proposes to nationalize heavy industry

MOSCOW, March 9. LDPR proposes to nationalize heavy industry and to introduce state monopoly on the trade of sugar, alcohol and tobacco. This was stated on Wednesday by party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky on a press-conferences V.

“To nationalize heavy industry, production and trade of alcohol, tobacco, sugar”, – said the politician.

In the election program of the liberal democratic party specifies that these measures will allow “to make up for the dropped income from the trading of oil”.

The party also proposes to establish control of the state Duma on the Central Bank.

To write off debts

Zhirinovsky believes that the pensioners and low-income citizens can write off debts to the state.

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“Debts for housing and communal services and so on – you can write off the pensioners, the poor,” said he.

Moreover, Zhirinovsky believes that it is necessary to arrange “tax holidays to entrepreneurs”. “Entrepreneurs set high taxes,” he said. In his opinion, it is necessary to introduce a break in the payment of taxes for two years.

This measure, Zhirinovsky believes, will improve performance. “Remove the taxes (for two years) and will be profit,” he said.

About the candidates of the LDPR on elections in the state Duma

Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the LDPR plans to nominate its candidates in all single-mandate constituencies in the upcoming elections to the state Duma, however, does not preclude “talks” to candidates.

“In surrounding counties… maybe between them there will be some negotiations, let them lead, but in principle in all districts, we expose our candidates”, – said Zhirinovsky.

“And no skaters, no playwrights, no Directors, no singers. Ordinary citizens, middle class, below. And the proportion of men and women is about the same. A lot of young people, but we don’t drag the youth by the hair. No discrimination, including on ethnic grounds, although the majority of Russians, 80 percent”, he added.

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The LDPR faction in the state Duma after the elections on 18 September will be updated approximately 90%, said Zhirinovsky.

“Six times, the elections (to the Duma), each time with 70% updated faction. This time, probably 90%,” he said.

Zhirinovsky said that the party will “close” the candidates all 225 single-mandate districts. “In principle, every Deputy assigned to the district. But may be an option when people will be in the Federal and the district. But me, I’m not going anywhere, I have district – all Russia”, – said the politician.

Zhirinovsky has informed that the liberal democratic party plans to form the Federal part of the list for the Duma elections from a maximum permissible number of candidates to ten. “The Federal part will take, all 10… Part of the Federal list will be on (single-member) districts”, – he said.

“They sit before you now, most of the Federal list,” said Zhirinovsky to journalists. With him in the press conference was attended by deputies of the state Duma Vadim Dengin, Yaroslav Nilov, Aleksey Didenko, Mikhail Degtyarev, Sergei karginov.

Zhirinovsky stressed that “strangers” among the candidates of the LDPR in the Duma elections will not be. To run can only those who is in the party for at least five years.

Duma elections held on 18 September under a mixed system: half of deputies (225 people) will be elected by party lists, half in single-mandate constituencies. At the same time elections will be held in 38 legislatures of subjects of the Russian Federation, elections of heads of regions and many municipal elections.

Earlier media reported that the four parliamentary parties are negotiating that in some single-member districts are not set against each other strong candidates.

“We have the most mass party”

Zhirinovsky also said that the LDPR has about 250 thousand party members in all 85 regions of Russia.

“The liberal democratic party today has regional organizations in all 85 regions… of the party Members is 250. We have the most mass party”, – said the politician.

He reminded that now the LDPR faction in the state Duma consists of 56 deputies, one representative of the party is the Governor of the Smolensk region.

“Local deputies about 3 thousand, in 74 regions in local parliaments of our faction. It’s work and then produced the success of the party in 26 years,” said Zhirinovsky.

He added that the LDPR will participate in the elections to the state Duma for the seventh time.

September 18 elections to the state Duma on a mixed system: half of deputies (225 people) will be elected by party lists, half in single-mandate constituencies.