Media: scammers continue to use the vulnerability of Bank cards of Russians

MOSCOW, March 9. Last year, fraudsters are using credit cards-clones robbed the Russians of almost 500 million times, write on Wednesday “news” with reference to calculations of the company “jet Infosystems”.

“The total number of fraudulent transactions using a card clones, which resulted in the theft of card clients of Russian banks decreased last year by almost 38%, from 786 million to 486 million incidents. And banks through the so-called podopechnyh countries, the scammers stole from Bank cards of Russian citizens last year 85,1 million rubles”, – notes the edition.

As the paper explains, podopechnye referred to those countries where there are standards of the largest international payment systems Visa and MasterCard (USA) on service of chip cards. Among them Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Brazil, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. There are operations on the magnetic strip (it is equipped with every chip card). Banks of these countries, which went through the payments, are not liable for unauthorized cash withdrawals with chip cards of the countries that have introduced the standards of international payment systems. Hackers use this: produces-clones, they make purchases in podopechnyh countries. Data for maps-clones gives attackers different ways. Most often the installation of reading equipment on ATMs and POS-terminals in shops and commercial enterprises. Received data is applied to a magnetic stripe card clone.

In this case, the newspaper said, the question of refund for unauthorized charges remains at the discretion of the Bank that issued the card, and often not resolved in favor of the citizens.

“In most cases, citizens can say goodbye to lost tools. Operations in these countries leave little chance to the Bank that issued the card, to get money from the acquiring Bank, – said the head of the anti-fraud Centre for information security “jet Infosystems” Alexey Sizov. – So, the return will be made from own funds of the issuing Bank”.

Experts believe that the problem of theft of money using the cards-clones in podopechnyh countries will exist until then, until the whole world will switch to using only cards with a chip, no magnetic strip. They advised Russians not to perform credit card transactions suspicious local retail outlets or ATMs in the alleys. Before withdrawal you should also follow simple security measures to check the ATM for skimmers and foreign objects that will help the criminals to obtain the card data. To minimize the risk of skimming experts also recommend to withdraw money from ATMs in the offices of the credit organizations.