Svetlana Zhurova announced to participate in the primaries in the Leningrad region in the elections to the state Duma

Svetlana Zhurova announced to participate in the primaries in the Leningrad region in the elections to the state Duma

ST. PETERSBURG, March 9th. Olympic champion, state Duma Deputy Svetlana Zhurova intends to continue working in the Russian Parliament. On Wednesday she filed documents for participation in preliminary voting the party “United Russia” (the primaries) in Vsevolozhsk single-mandate electoral district, N111 the Leningrad region, reports.

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“I deliberately chose the day of filing after March 8. I know that I have already opponent (a resident of Vyborg Mykola Yemets – approx.), we spoke with him in social networks. Will be a very interesting fight,” Zhurova told reporters after filing. In her opinion, the struggle in the elections “will be hot”. “But in our case the situation is unique: I, Sergei Naryshkin and Sergei Petrov (the state Duma – approx.), previously filed documents, are nominated by their native districts, where they were born, studied and live. We will communicate with fellow countrymen, not as a third-party and directly interested in the normal life of people in these districts, because they themselves live here. Not every region can boast that they are the people who have to region a direct relationship,” said Zhurova.

Champion was elected to Godwa in March 2013 in a Federal list of candidates nominated by the party “United Russia”. First Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on international Affairs.

As previously reported, Chairman of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin will participate in the preliminary party elections (primaries) of the “United Russia” in one-mandatory district of Kingisepp of Leningrad region, including 7 municipal districts of the region. The number of voters is almost 419,5 thousand people. As explained in the press service of the regional branch of the party, Naryshkin was among three applicants already registered as a candidate of provisional voting.

Only in the Leningrad region is home to 1.8 million people, of whom 1.3 million have voting rights. In the elections to the state Duma, which will be held on 18 September under a mixed system, the inhabitants of the region have to choose their representatives in three electoral districts.