The Communist leaders criticized the practice of holding primaries

MOSCOW, March 5. The leader of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov and the Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Vladimir Kashin had criticized the conduct of primary elections.

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Earlier this week, the first Deputy head of presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin expressed confidence that in the near future the Russian party will begin to the practice of primary elections to select candidates for the elections.

“They (the “United Russia” – approx.TASS) all the primaries are fermented on how to use the administrative resource and to cover at least for the sake of decency here’s the game in a democracy. And in fact, prepared in advance corresponding to the candidates who win in the primaries,” said Kashin at a press conference in Moscow.

At the same time, he commended the algorithm for the nomination of candidates from the Communist party. “We have a system of party organization with the municipality, with the “primary” looks and nominates its candidate, which comes to the top of the regional conference, and then (go through the approval of approx.TASS) at the Plenum and at the party Congress,” said Kashin.

In turn, Zyuganov stated that “the more democratic procedures in Russia does not exist”.

“The primaries just don’t decide – they had to decide money and large capital. And below we offer each candidate,” said the leader of the Communist party.

The candidates for the post of Commissioner for human rights

Zyuganov said that the CPRF determine the candidate the party will nominate for the post of Commissioner for human rights in Russia, since 8 March.

“As for the new candidates who will protect human rights, we are going to talk about this after March 8, and I think that after March 8 will decide,” – said Zyuganov, answering the question of who the faction intends to recommend to this post.

At the same time, speaking about the inclusion of Ella Pamfilova in the new composition of the Central election Commission, Zyuganov has underlined that “the President and the team understand that we have to offer to the Central election Commission those who could organize a more honest and fair elections”.

“Ella Pamfilova is an experienced man, I hope she will protect the rights of voters fundamentally and decisively,” said the leader of the Communist party.

Ella Pamfilova takes up the post of Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation from March 18, 2014. Last Thursday it became known that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has appointed his five members of the CEC, which included Pamfilova. In the Kremlin confirmed that she will leave his current position.