The DPRK stated its ability to equip missiles with nuclear warheads

In the DPRK have reduced the weight of nuclear warheads that can equip ballistic missiles. This was stated by North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN after he has inspected work in the field of nuclear research, reported Reuters citing state news Agency KCNA North Korea.

“Nuclear warheads have been standardized by reducing to be suitable for mounting on ballistic missiles”, — quotes Agency of Kim Jong-UN. As noted by KCNA, the North Korean leader also added that “it can be called a true nuclear deterrence”.

In January 2016, the DPRK announced the successful test of a hydrogen bomb, and a month later — about the successful launch of the rocket which put into orbit the satellite 4 Kwangmyongsong (“Bright star-4”) designed to monitor the Earth. The launch was criticized by almost all countries, including Russia. In early March, the UN security Council adopted a package of toughened sanctions against the DPRK. In addition, sanctions against North Korea has expanded and the U.S. government.

On 7 March the U.S. and South Korea began joint military exercises, which involved more than 300 thousand military. The purpose of the exercise in Seoul called “warning” to the DPRK. North Korea, in turn, has threatened the U.S. and South Korea “preventive nuclear strike of justice”. State defense Committee (GKO) of the DPRK called their teachings “the explicit training of nuclear war”, which threaten the sovereignty of North Korea, and threatened a General offensive in response to “even the slightest military action”.