The Kremlin commented on the new doping scandal in Russian sport

“Of course, you know. We receive information, of course, we are sorry in this regard. However, do not need to submit the situation in such a way that it somehow casts a shadow on the Russian sports, the magnificent achievements of our athletes,” he said, noting that it is “about individual athletes, individual cases.”

Peskov recalled that a few months ago in Sochi was held a meeting of the presidential Council, which the President has instructed the sports officials to analyze each case, “and to do so openly and in full cooperation with the international structures”. “We are convinced that it won’t this time,” he concluded.

Over the past few days it became known about detection of the positive doping tests from Russian athletes six. On 7 March, the tennis player Maria Sharapova admitted that for 10 years was used Meldonium, which from 1 January has been abolished. According to her, it’s about the new ban didn’t know.

Also traces of the substance found in the player of Russian national team on volleyball of Alexander Markin, five-times world champion in speed skating Paul Kulizhnikov, Olympic champion in short track Seeds Elistratova, figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova and weightlifter Alexey Lovchev.