The Ministry of natural resources: Russia is interested in investors from Canada for the extraction of raw materials

TORONTO, 9 March. /Spec. interviewer Daniel Studnev/. Russia is interested in canadian investment in geological exploration and mining of mineral resources in different regions of Russia, including the far East. On Tuesday the Director of Department of state policy and regulation in Geology and subsoil use of the Ministry of natural resources and environment of the Russian Federation Alexey eagle. He takes part in the annual Eurasian mining conference organized by the Canadian business Association in Russia and Eurasia (CERBA) in Toronto.

“In Russia one of the richest databases of natural resources, including gold, diamonds and Nickel,” said he. The eagle stressed that foreign companies, including from Canada, have the opportunity to participate in tenders for exploration and mining of gold, Nickel and other minerals in Siberia and the far East. “Not all the tenders that we had planned to spend in 2015, were completed, and some of them “passed” by 2016″, – said the representative of the Ministry of environment. He added that the figures for 2014-2015, the Ministry satisfies 58-60% bids on the ongoing auctions.

Eagle also noted that in recent years Russia “has improved the legal and regulatory climate in the mining industry”.