The Moscow city court refused to release Dmytry Kamenshchik on bail of 50 million rubles.

The Moscow city court upheld the house arrest of the owner of Domodedovo Dmitry Kamenshchik, who blames the result on the business connected with the terrorist attack in 2011, the correspondent . The court rejected the complaint of protection of the Kamenshchik and the public Prosecutor.

According to investigators, Kamenshchik in 2010 was introduced at the airport simplified system of passenger screening in terminal was able to sneak a suicide bomber.

Reference solution

On the release of Kamenshchik in court, insisted the Prosecutor. “We protested against [house arrest] in the court of first instance and mind now. Prosecution illegal and unjustified. Between Kamenshchik and the death of people at Domodedovo airport we do not find a causal link, it is in principle not,” was made by the Prosecutor.

He noted that the state office of public Prosecutor has already submitted two representations to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin and demanded to eliminate the violations in the case. One of them was signed by Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Malinovsky.

Speaking in court, the Prosecutor complained that a judge, electing house arrest, referred to the standard reasons: to escape, to exert pressure on witnesses. “A template set, not supported by any documents”, — convinced the court the Prosecutor.

Walks with my wife

Lawyers of the businessman, Eugenia Ionova and Mikhail Kolpakov asked to release them of the principal on bail of 50 million rubles In the first instance they offered to pay for Kamenshchik’s 15 million rubles.

But if you save the arrest of the defenders asked to allow the businessman to walk around his house in the suburban town of Odintsovo, and also allows you to communicate with the civil wife. Now a Bricklayer can be used to communicate only with close relatives, lawyers and investigation team.

“The result is more than five years, and during that time there was not a single case of absence on interrogation, no cases of intimidation of witnesses,” spoke caps. He insisted that in 2011, the law required to inspect all the passengers.

“During the time that I am under house arrest, with me there has not been any investigative actions. And this suggests that the purpose of [house arrest] was isolation,” said the Bricklayer.

FSB: the “can hide”

Against the abolition of house arrest objected to the investigator for particularly important cases Syarhei Dubinsky and the lawyers of the victims, Igor Trunov and Lyudmila Aivar.

Very emotional Dubinsky lamented that the place of detention of Kamenshchik now is the building that has the status of a holiday home. “Previously lived in sanatoriums, workers, Kamenshchik now lives on the estate, and complains that he is forbidden to walk somewhere in the garden? — performed investigator. — Every month he gets 30 million rubles and says: “Can I be released on bail of 50?” It’s his monthly salary.”

“Kamenshchik is contained in the house has an area of 1.6 thousand square meters: “smart house” with swimming pool, under a roof of trees grow there. And he says, strolling nowhere. Well, but swimming is possible” — supported investigator Trunov.

Dubinsky thus insisted that the record includes operational data, which the Bricklayer may attempt to escape trial.

“This is not a talking shop, this is the information of the FSB — certificate from 22.04. that Kamenshchik carries out telephone conversations and correspondence with his assistants and secretaries, often goes abroad, uses the services of business aviation. And it gives him the opportunity in the shortest possible time to escape,” spoke Dubinsky. Year, who dated the document, the investigator was not called.

$2 billion investment

“Opponents say about the size of my income and homes with such intonations as if it is a crime. But you are confused about the numbers. My salary is only 10 million rubles., and my income in tens, in hundreds times more,” said Kamenshchik.

“What keeps me [from escape] — this is clearly not a bail of 50 million rubles. But me is holding my reputation, this is my life, and I don’t run. All life I work, I earn well. And all that I earned, I invested in the development of this enterprise [Domodedovo]. There are made investments in the amount of up to $2 billion And so, too, I’m not running anywhere, I have reason to fight here until the end,” was made by the businessman. Kamenshchik stated that he believes all this criminal case is absurd and has no judicial perspective.

Question examination

Kamenshchik and three other top managers of the airport was charged under article 238 of the Criminal code (fulfillment of works or rendering of services that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons).

According to the prosecution, he and the other defendants in the case in 2010 introduced a new system of screening of passengers, excluding one hundred percent check of passengers at the entrance to the airport. This, according to the prosecution, meant that in January 2011 the building of the airport of Domodedovo has infiltrated a suicide bomber Magomed Yevloyev and blew himself in the crowd. Then, 37 people were killed, 170 were wounded.

The Kamenshchik insisted that until 2010, the screening of passengers has been selective. “In the aviation rules one hundred percent inspection is required only for checked baggage. The inputs were supposed to be checkpoints, but the duty only if the signals about the increased security measures”, — explained the lawyer caps.