The Russian Embassy in Kiev threw bottles with iodine

The building of the Russian Embassy in Kiev, about which passes a picket in support of Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, threw bottles with iodine. The correspondent reports about it “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, the rally was attended by several hundred people, some protesters holding banners with the image of Savchenko FreeSavchenko and inscriptions. They demand that Russia release Savchenko on freedom. It is noted that the building of the diplomatic mission increased protection in particular, there arrived fighters of national guard of Ukraine.

Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Kiev Oleg Grishin told TASS that the protesters also threw stones. “Now near the Embassy, about 200 people. They pelted the building with stones and sprayed with iodine”, he said.

“Segodnya” reports that overall the action is “calm”, but some of the participants from time to time thrown into the Embassy building “stones, also threw an egg and a bottle of iodine”.

At the same time, according to the correspondent of “Interfax”, the protesters threw eggs at the building, from the guards to the protesters approached the unknown in civilian clothes with radiotelephony device and crushed the leg of one of the trays with eggs. In response to this, one of the protesters smashed the egg on his head.

On the night of 6 March there was the first attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev. Unknown activists pelted the Embassy pyrotechnics and flares, as well as damaged cars used by the Embassy staff. The rally was held under the slogan “Freedom to Nadezhda Savchenko”.

Day 6 March, the Russian Embassy again threw eggs, stones and greenery. On March 7 and 8, it has hosted protests.

Russia is at the end of the trial in the case Savchenko. She is accused under three articles of the criminal code — “Murder”, “Attempted murder” and “Illegal border crossing”. As it became known on Wednesday, the sentence Savchenko will be announced on March 21-22. She faces 23 years in prison.

Itself the defendant does not plead guilty and claims that she was abducted from the territory of Ukraine. On March 3, she went on hunger strike.