Zakharova: the Council of Europe and the OSCE should pay attention to violations of media freedom in Turkey

MOSCOW, March 5. Critically complicated the situation in the field of ensuring media freedom in Turkey requires “the most meticulous and impartial consideration in the Council of Europe and OSCE”. This is stated in comments released by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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“We hope that our Western partners will throw fears to cause irritation in Ankara, she said. – It is necessary strongly to demand from it compliance with European and international obligations regarding freedom of expression and the media”.

Zakharov drew attention to the fact that the leadership of Turkey “in his authoritarian manner,” said that neither recognizes nor respects the verdict of the constitutional court about the release of the publishers of the newspaper “Cumhuriyet”. As you know, the diplomat reminded, they had been punished for exposing the history of the Turkish intelligence supplying arms to Syrian rebels.

“Probably, resentment Recep Tayyip Erdogan strengthened and new materials mentioned in the newspaper about the Turkish military contacts with the ISIL (the former name is forbidden in Russia of the terrorist group “Islamic state”). – We believe that these signals should be thoroughly investigated by the international community and in Turkey, there is not only suppression of press freedom to cover assistance to terrorists, but neglect of the judiciary.”

As another example, the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry cited the persecution of holding “FEZ” and the newspaper “Zaman”, which allowed only judgment than strictly formal. In respect of the holding company were placed into administration, its headquarters searched. The protest in Istanbul was foiled by the security forces of Turkey, which used against the demonstrators with tear gas.