All for science: what benefits will receive a massive development project of Moscow state University

The talent and scale

Technological valley of the Moscow state University takes on the legal regime. On March 4, the Ministry of economic development presented the bill “On technology valley”, which implies that it will operate under the same legal framework as that of “SKOLKOVO”. The document itself was published on the website The explanatory note to the bill that we are talking about Scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University Vorobyovy Gory. The co-executors of the preparation of a document called the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of education. Representatives of all three agencies during the holidays did not provide comments .

The authors of the bill expect that the project of Science and technology valley would be more effective, his arm will play a “reliance on an existing unique research potential of the South-West of Moscow area Sparrow mountains” and “involvement in innovation flow of talented young people” attracted annually by MSU. M. V. Lomonosov.

The idea of the construction of the Technological valley of the Moscow state University called himself the rector of Moscow state University Viktor Sadovnichy. About the project and well informed President Vladimir Putin: at the December press conference, he said that the valley will help scientists “to post their discoveries,” and those who are looking for technology, not to buy them abroad “for billion dollars”.

The project will be specially created management company, 100% owned by the state. As a Charter fee in the property of the company will be transferred plots of land on Lomonosovsky Prospekt, stated in the bill.

City planning Commission of Moscow approved a draft plan of the prospective territory of the Moscow state University at the end of 2014, wrote . From the project showed that
the valley may be located between the Lomonosov prospect, prospect Vernadsky and borders of residential areas along Michurinsky Prospekt and Udaltsova street. The draft plan covered an area of about 242 hectares, reported the press service of Moskomstroyinvest (is responsible for conducting SLC). Large plot of land on Lomonosovsky Prospekt (about 120 ha) in the mid 2000-ies was transferred from Federal ownership in perpetuity for MSU, a part of this land, the University has managed to master.

Finally the boundaries of the area that will be transferred under the project of Technology valley will be determined by the government, stated in the explanatory note to the bill. The representative of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich (responsible for innovation) did not comment on the project at this stage.

The cost of the entire project Sadovnichy previously estimated at 110 billion rubles, it was Assumed that by the end of 2018 in territory of the valley in addition to academic buildings, laboratories and dormitories may be built at least 550 thousand square meters of housing. Are all these plans, the representative of the Moscow state University not reported. The press service of the University on March 7 published a report, from which it follows that MSU was not involved in the development of the Ministry of economic development published the document. Now a special working group, which since 2013 has been working on a project that will study the bill and give him his opinion, stated in the press release of the University.

The main valley

From the bill follows that managing the construction of the valley will be a newly created management company. Range of its powers, according to the document, is very broad. For example, she will be entitled to issue permits for the construction and commissioning of facilities on the territory of the valley, including infrastructure. In addition, the management company independently prepares and approves a master plan of the valley, the rules of land use and development and documentation for planning the territory — coordination of the project General plan with the authorities is not required, it follows from the text of the bill.

Public hearings on the draft General plan and draft rules of land use and development is also not provided, the document says. But such hearings took place in July 2015. And then the residents of the district Ramenki have advanced claims about the fact that residential development on the territory of Ramenskoye Park (partly included in the territory development project of the valley) may cause damage to the environment and that traffic will increase significantly.

“On this territory, public hearings were held, have all the documents that allow you to build there, so there is nothing stopping MSU to develop this territory, all the necessary papers we have,” — said Friday the Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin (to other questions he could not answer, having referred that yet did not examine the text of the bill).

The developer of the project may be the company “Inteko” Mikhail Gutseriev and his partners wrote . Along with MSU, the company acted as the customer of the project-plan of the valley. In October, the project with the maximum permissible parameters of the building was approved by the Moscow mayor’s office. The representative “Inteko” at the weekend stated that to comment on the draft law is premature.

Judging by the text of the bill, the management company will be responsible not only for the construction of the valley, but also for scientific activity in it. In particular, the company’s Charter will specify research areas in the valley, and she will self-monitor how these studies are consistent with the rules and objectives of the project.

Funded the activities of the management company will be at the expense of own means and means of the Federal budget, stated in the bill. While 2013 Sadovnichy told Vladimir Putin that budget aid project does not require: “Construction of the valley will be carried out with the funds received from contracts and other means of MSU”. To clarify the question of funding the authors of the bill at the weekend failed.

In developing the concept of Scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University, as mentioned earlier , involved the company “Inpractice”. Her head appeared Katerina Tikhonova, which Reuters previously called the daughter of Vladimir Putin. Itself Tikhonov in an interview to “Interfax” in 2015, told that the task of “Inpractice” is to collect opinions and suggestions, and organize information about the future of Scientific and technological valley of the Moscow state University. She also stressed that “Inpractice” is not engaged in management or financial issues associated with the valley. In weekend to answer questions by phone the representative of “Inpractice” refused.

As in “SKOLKOVO”, and even more

Future participants of the valley by analogy with the “SKOLKOVO” residents can enjoy the customs benefits (the possibility of compensation of expenses on payment of customs duties in connection with importation of goods; fee compensates the management company), a lighter regime for attracting foreign specialists, as well as separate tax benefits.

The Tax code wherever there is SKOLKOVO, will add Scientific and technological valley: this means that the valley members will be able to claim exemption from payment of income tax and VAT, reduced rates of insurance contributions (14 instead of 30%).

In addition, participants of the valley provides guarantees against adverse changes in tax legislation. In the law about “SKOLKOVO” no such item, he is taken out of the law on special economic zones.

It is not clear whether all these exemptions in the law. The Ministry of economic development turned into a public discussion of the draft 15 days — the shortest time possible, so that interested parties will have until March 18 to make possible the questions and comments.