Brechalov: printoperator support developing village NPOs can be created this spring

MOSCOW, March 10. A special program of presidential grants to NGOs working in small towns and villages, can be created already at the end of March. Additional project funding in the Russian province will help to more effectively develop and revive the village, said Thursday the Secretary of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov.

“All last year the Public chamber on the forums “Community” discussed the idea of creating a new printoperator for NGOs implementing projects in the village. We have heard many proposals from activists and NGOs and submitted it to the President. He supported our proposals, and we hope that in the near future will be printoperator, which will support projects in rural areas and in small towns”, – said Brechalov.

According to him, the presidential decree on establishing a program of presidential grants for NGOs implementing projects in rural areas and in small towns, may be signed by the end of March or beginning of April. The same decree will determine the amount of grant support for NGOs by 2016.

80% of grants are deposited in large cities

Brechalov noted that support promising projects were in the past – last year the amount of funding of all the operators presidential grants amounted to 4.2 billion rubles, but more than 80% of the grants issued were settled in large cities. This year the amount of grant support for promising projects may be increased due to the emergence of a new operator.

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Secretary of the Public chamber added that to qualify for the presidential grant will not only NGOs that are registered in small towns and villages, but also those who are registered in big cities, but his projects are aimed at rural development. Currently the Public chamber is preparing for a census of all promising projects for development of villages and small towns.

“Now one of the main issues is the lack of a database of the best projects in rural areas and small towns. That is why the Public chamber before printoperator appears, is working in the regions for the collection and analysis of the most effective civil initiatives”, – said Brechalov.

“After this base is established, the chamber will be able to help printoperator to offer the projects from the point of view of the expert community has already successfully implemented and require additional support to new level. These can be projects of non-profit organizations, such as the forum “Village – the soul of Russia”, which is being held in the Vologda region and, for example, the festival in the village of Teriberka, which is held by a group of active citizens that do not have currently registered NGOs,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

The results this year

The decision to establish printoperator to support NGOs, developing small towns and villages, was voiced by the Russian President during his address to the Federal Assembly on 3 December 2015. It is anticipated that funding will be wearing a declarative character, that is, in the framework of the contest on the website all NCOs who meet the requirements can submit an application and qualify for financing. According to the presidential decrees on grants, the implementation period of the projects is one year.