Chinese investors have broken the record for the investments in Europe and the United States

State-owned companies of China and private Chinese investors in 2015 have invested in the economy of European countries, including the EU, Norway and Switzerland, a record $23 billion, according to Financial Times, citing data from Baker & McKenzie and Rhodium Group. Investments of Chinese investors in the U.S. for the same year rose to $15 billion, which, according to the newspaper, is also a record.

At the same time, experts note a significant slowdown in the growth of Chinese investment in European and U.S. assets. If in 2014 investments of Chinese investors in Europe grew approximately by half, in 2015 they increased by only 28%. While China’s direct investments in the Eurozone grew by 37%, increasing from $12.5 billion to $17.1 billion

The main object of attention of Chinese investors in the Eurozone, Italy has become. Leadership by the inflow of Chinese investment to her provided deal Corporation China National Chemical (ChemChina) with the company Pirelli, in which ChemChina bought its stake in Italian tire maker for $7.9 billion, the Second place was won by France, the economy in which Chinese investors have poured in a number of transactions in the tourism and infrastructure sectors of about $3.6 billion

The growth of Chinese investment in the U.S. in 2015 amounted to about 17%, in 2014, Chinese investors have invested in U.S. assets of $12.8 billion, the Largest inflow of funds from China in 2015, was recorded in the States of California, Texas and, primarily, new York, received in the course of transactions in the financial sector and the purchase of real estate of approximately $5.4 billion.

By the end of 2016, the experts, despite the slowdown in the Chinese economy, we expect China to new records for investments in the US and Europe. During the first six weeks of the year, Chinese companies announced deals totaling about $70 billion However, the Financial Times notes that to say that all these transactions will be completed is premature.