Media: the head of the VEB will present on 24 March proposals on the withdrawal of the Bank from the crisis

MOSCOW, March 10. The head of Vnesheconombank, Sergey Gorkov at the meeting of the Supervisory Board on 24 March to present the main proposals on the withdrawal of the state from the crisis, writes the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing its own sources.

Almost simultaneously – at the end of March – beginning of April – in the VEB will be a scheduled inspection of the accounts chamber in the period from 2013 to 2016, that is still under the old management of the Bank. In a press-service VEB’s fact checker confirmed, refraining from further comment.

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The publication noted, citing close to the VEB sources, the Gorkov has begun to evaluate the top management of the Bank. Its main objective is to distinguish among 400 managers of about 50 people, which will be the basis of a new team of the Corporation, as well as potential candidates for elimination. The evaluation methodology differs from that traditionally used by large banks: the main emphasis is not on individual competencies, and General readiness of employees to changes and overcoming obstacles, which is important for the web, in a difficult situation.

“The assessment of the already trained about 80 top managers, all it will cover about 400 employees to the level of chiefs of departments and their deputies from 2 thousand employees of Vnesheconombank, – said the interlocutor of the newspaper. – The main goal is to identify those who are willing to change, has the motivation to development and ready to overcome obstacles.”

The task of the new leadership of the web to choose from current employees, those who will become the “backbone of the new team” and will change the web is about 50 people, so the program was called “Leaders of change”, said the source familiar with the situation in Webb. According to him, 12 counselors, including Sberbank, which has resulted in the web Gorkov, not enough to solve large-scale problems facing the web.

It is planned that evaluation of employees will be completed in the next week. According to the newspaper, assessment program developed jointly with the company “Consulting-Shaped”, engaged in HR consulting. The company confirmed the participation in the development of a program of personnel assessment of VEB, refusing further comment.