MegaFon has filed a lawsuit about charging for calls to unavailable numbers

The society for the protection of the rights of consumers (ozpp) filed a lawsuit in the Zamoskvoretsky district court of Moscow for the company “MegaFon”. The charges stemmed from “numerous complaints from subscribers” to charge your mobile operator for auto-notification that the called number is not available or is out of coverage area, is spoken in the message ozpp.

In the text of the lawsuit, which read , States that ozpp learned about charging for unimplemented calls from a publishing site about gadgets In the material of the publication refers to a reader’s letter, which he found that listening to the phrase “subscriber unavailable” his account charged per minute. The organization believes that thus “the Megaphone” has broken the law “About communication” forbidding to charge “for the communication services technologically inseparably linked with services of mobile communication”. According to ozpp, MegaFon bills service when the connection to the called party did not happen, and the caller just listened to information about its unavailability. “The defendant deliberately violating the rights of consumers”, — said the organization.

Ozpp requires to recognize the illegal charging “a Megaphone” for calls to unavailable numbers, in this case, consumers will be able to demand the return of money written off, the report said the organization, which also does not exclude the possibility of expanding the circle of defendants. The court records claim ozpp MegaFon is not yet registered. To request a date in court has not responded.

A company representative Yulia Dorokhina not comment on the lawsuit, but notes that “the Megaphone” does not write off money for unimplemented calls. However, if a subscriber activated the voice mail service, billing begins with the fourth second, she says. Itself the statement of claim “the Megaphone” did not receive added Dorokhina.

That MegaFon has introduced a fee for calls to unavailable numbers its subscribers in the event that if they connected to a voice mail service, it became known in late February. Dorokhina assured that the fee was introduced due to the fact that other operators have used a similar billing and “MegaFon” was “forced to do the same for incremental costs of interconnection (mutual settlements between operators). Earlier it became known that MTS charges a similar fee: this operator billing starts from the first second. Operator Tele2 has also entered the billing for calls to unavailable numbers its network, but later reversed charge.

Withdrawals for unrealized calls contrary to the rules of provision of communication services, said Deputy Director of Department on regulation of radiofrequencies and communication networks of the Ministry for communications, Mikhail Bykovsky. According to him, operators can’t introduce a fee for the audition phrase of the unavailability of the subscriber.