Protection Savchenko: Hope not resume his hunger strike when he finds out about the letter of the prankerami

Protection Savchenko: Hope not resume his hunger strike when he finds out about the letter of the prankerami

MOSCOW, March 10. Protecting Hope Savchenko will tell her that a letter on behalf of the President of Ukraine was sent to her pranker.

This was reported by telephone to her lawyer mark Feigin, expressing confidence that after that she will resume the hunger strike.

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“Of course, once we’re in jail I Hope, will put it on notice that the letter was fake and sent by a prankster. Sure she will resent even stronger and will probably write an open appeal”, – he said.

The lawyer is sure that Savchenko will not resume a hunger strike and will continue to eat. “The fact that she has stopped the hunger strike not only because of this letter, – it was nothing, but because to stop fasting, she was asked a large number of people, including Poroshenko, who repeatedly verbally encouraged her to do,” said Feigin.

According to the lawyer the night before he called the Consul General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-don Vitaly Moskalenko and reported that the administration of the President of Ukraine want to communicate with it. “I had no reason not to trust Moskalenko, who also became a victim of Prancer, so and talked with the man. He asked me to give Savchenko a letter from Poroshenko. He explained that he would send me an email so I gave him the Hope and the letter to the Consulate. I gave this letter the Hope of today, but nothing special in it was not” – said the lawyer.

Case Savchenko

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Former Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko is accused under three articles of the criminal code: “Murder”, “Attempted murder” and “Illegal border crossing”.

According to the prosecution, being in the location of a paramilitary battalion “Aydar” on June 17, 2014 near the village Metalist in Lugansk region, it was conducting secret surveillance and correction of shelling the checkpoint of the militia LNR with him were civilians, including three Russian journalists VGTRK. As a result of the shooting, two of them – Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin – were killed.

The trial Savchenko held in Donetsk city court in the Rostov region. The court will announce the verdict on March 21-22. The Prosecutor’s office asks her to be sentenced to 23 years in prison and a fine of 100 thousand rubles.