Putin: certification of products, including milk, should not lead to higher prices

Putin: certification of products, including milk, should not lead to higher prices

NOVO-Ogaryovo, March 9. Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the agriculture Ministry that the certification of products, including milk, should not create an additional burden on producers and lead to higher prices.

“It is important that all these innovations (with the certification of milk) were minimally zabyurokracheno, and to not create a significant additional burden for producers, which ultimately will inevitably affect the price,” – said the head of state at a meeting with Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev.

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“We are monitoring the situation,” – said the head of the Ministry of agriculture.

“You know about some of the publicly expressed concerns about milk production”, – said Tkachev and asked to clarify the situation.

“We’ll Commission an electronic certificate, I think this is absolutely correct,” – said Tkachev. He explained that “many countries use these standards of control.” “In our market a lot of counterfeit products, counterfeiting and smuggling, to organize, to understand the place of origin of goods and the movement of the goods to check the quality (need certificates),” – said Tkachev.

He is confident that the certification “fair to producers on hand, they all support it – those who do not want to muddy the water (to get income)”. Tkachev added that unscrupulous manufacturers who oppose certification, can add to milk, palm oil and other ingredients, “to cash in on it.”

“But the vast majority of this norm normal (certification), she is European, world, I think we very rightly so, that brought her six months ago through the law”, – said the Minister.

Appeal to Dvorkovich

Earlier it was reported that the national Union of milk producers (Soyuzmoloko) appealed to the Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov and Deputy economic development Minister Oleg Fomichyov with a request to recall the order of the Ministry of agriculture No. 648.

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According to large producers, the reluctance of the Russian dairy industry from March 2016 to issue veterinary accompanying documents for packaged drinking milk can lead to milk production across the country, as well as higher prices.

Meanwhile, the Deputy head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Nikolay Vlasov has informed that in Russia is not yet introduced mandatory certification of dairy products and the documents accompanying the packaged drinking milk in Russia from manufacturers no one requires.

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