Russian authorities have reassured consumers and the market: the collapse on the market of milk will not be

Russian authorities have reassured consumers and the market: the collapse on the market of milk will not be

MOSCOW, March 9. /Corr. Natalia Novopashina/. The collapse in the market of dairy products will not be mandatory veterinary certification of products, contrary to the statements of industrial organization “Soyuzmoloko”, will be introduced from 1 January 2018 and to declare any stop the production and growth of milk prices there is no reason. This was reported by representatives of the Russian Ministry of agriculture and Rosselkhoznadzor, commenting on the letter, “Soyuzmoloko” of a possible stop of the production of drinking milk in Russia.

Moreover, the statements of industry organizations that support the interests of the largest producers (including Danone and PepsiCo), the authorities see the desire to postpone the adoption of electronic certification in Russia.

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9 March it became known that the national Union of milk producers (Soyuzmoloko) appealed to the Vice Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich, the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov and Deputy MAYOR of the Russian Federation Oleg Fomichyov with a request to recall the order of the Ministry of agriculture N648, which requires manufacturers of packaged drinking milk to issue veterinary accompanying documents in paper form in respect of each batch of product produced.

The situation has attracted the attention of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who warned the agriculture Ministry that the certification of products, including milk, should not create an additional burden on producers and lead to higher prices.

“It is important that all these innovations (with the certification of milk – approx.TASS) were minimally zabyurokracheno, and to not create a significant additional burden for producers, which ultimately will inevitably affect the price,” – said the head of state at a meeting with Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev.

The Minister, in turn, said that the introduction of an electronic certificate – is the right measure that will help to understand the origin and movement of goods and check its quality. According to the Minister, unscrupulous manufacturers who oppose certification, can add to milk, palm oil and other ingredients.

The price tag won’t grow

According to “Soyuzmoloko”, to execute the documents necessary from the moment of entry into force of the order, i.e. from March 2016.

“To fulfill this requirement, the dairy producers are not able for objective reasons. As a result the adopted document has endangered one-time suspension of production in Russia a significant part of drinking packaged milk,” – said in the message of “Soyuzmoloko”, posted on the organization’s website.

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However, the Russian authorities – first the Rosselkhoznadzor, then the Ministry of agriculture said that this information is untrue. As reported the Deputy head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Nikolay Vlasov, there is no mandatory certification is not required now, and the veterinary law prescribes registration of all veterinary accompanying documents only from the beginning of 2018 While this law is a priority, he said.

A similar view was expressed by the Ministry of agriculture. It stressed that mandatory veterinary certification of finished products is introduced only from January 1, 2018 in addition, the Ministry denied the statement of “Soyuzmoloko” that the producers didn’t know about the public discussion document. As stated in the Ministry, the draft order was posted on the website 14 October, 2015 and passed necessary procedures of public discussion. And comments from NGOs were received, stressed in the Ministry.

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The Russian authorities have also denied the information about possible problems with the shipment of dairy products. As stated in the Ministry of agriculture, the turnover of dairy products is carried out smoothly. There is no reason for the price increase, reported in the Rosselkhoznadzor and the state Duma Committee on agrarian issues.

The head of the Committee Nikolay Pankov has blamed major producers in the quest to save on quality products. According to him, he considers unfounded statements by the representatives of multinational companies such as PepsiCo, Danone, the owners are foreign citizens.

“Manufacturers sometimes think about their own profits, without worrying about product quality. Thus, it may be trying to hide its origin”, – said the Deputy.

Certification means full transparency

The Rosselkhoznadzor believes that the dairy producers pursue certain interests by making such statements.

“What “Soyuzmoloko” now raises this wave – the next stage of their fight against electronic certification as such. Because certification means full transparency, it will be impossible to tamper with milk,” – said Vlasov. He noted that some producers is, in fact, against the provision of electronic veterinary certification traceability of controlled goods.

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“Traceability, if it is organized on the principle “from field to counter”, is the most effective mechanism of informing the bona fide purchaser,” says Vlasov. In his view, it is unprofitable for some producers.

Representatives of dairy products, however, do not hide that are against certification of dairy products, but explain your point of view for other reasons.

“We are strongly against certification. This additional administrative burdens and costs for the industry,” said Executive Director of “Soyuzmoloko” Artem Belov. According to him, veterinary maintenance of finished dairy products in any country of the world. Commenting on Rosselkhoznadzor on the priority of the Federal law “On veterinary medicine” on the order of the Ministry of agriculture, he expressed the opinion that it is necessary to bring the document into compliance with Federal law.

“The regions would be guided by the order of the Ministry of agriculture”, – he explained the organization’s position. As stated in the “Soyuzmoloko”, some enterprises are already getting letters from retailers to assess the risks of the impact of the order on their operations and to provide veterinary certificates for finished products.

The Rosselkhoznadzor that implements the idea of the electronic veterinary certification in the Russian Federation, however, has banned the regions to demand a veterinary certificate for dairy products. As told Vlasov, just in case the indication already sent to the territorial administration of the Ministry.