Sources: the Egyptian airline has requested time slots for the flights to Domodedovo

Sources: the Egyptian airline has requested time slots for the flights to Domodedovo

MOSCOW, March 9. The Egyptian airline Egypt Air has requested time slots, then there free time arrival and departure, three regular flights per week in spring and summer in the capital’s Domodedovo airport.

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This shows the preparation of the company for the possible resumption of communication between the two countries.

This was told by sources in the aviation industry.

“This application was sent,” said one of the sources, answering the relevant question and refusing to name a specific date, with which Egypt Air requested time slots.

A source close to the airline said that it still comes to three scheduled flights a week.

The cessation of flights

Flights between Russia and Egypt was closed on 6 November 2015 after the terrorist attack on Board the aircraft of airline “Kogalymavia”, 31 October the same year served as a flight Sharm El Sheikh – St Petersburg.

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As a result of a bomb explosion on Board the ship were killed 224 people. In the middle of November the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov reported to President Vladimir Putin that the cause of the crash was a terrorist attack, carried out using an improvised explosive device. Currently, air service to Egypt has not been restored, and the decision should be taken by the leadership of the two countries.

In a press-service of Domodedovo did not comment on request slots Egypt Air. “Until the lifting of restrictions on air service between Egypt and Russia would be incorrect to comment on the resumption of flights. For more detailed information it is advisable to contact the airline”,- said the press service of the airport.

Comment Egypt Air could not be obtained.

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According to the official representative of the Federal air transport Agency, booking time slots is only a technical operation that does not mean that there is agreement on the resumption of flights. “Currently there is a restriction on flight operations prior to the adoption of additional security measures in Egyptian airports. The adoption of these measures is under constant monitoring of the Federal bodies of Executive authorities of the Russian Federation. As for the request slots, this is a technical operation, which is carried out by the airline to confirm the technical capabilities of airports,” he said.

Book a time slot also involves no immediate payment from the airline.

The conditions of resumption of flights

According to Russian authorities, the resumption of flights is only possible after the airports of Egypt will meet the safety requirements of Russia.

In early February the Deputy Minister of transport Valery Okulov also said that Egypt might receive Russian equipment to ensure safety. Moreover, according to him, in the Egyptian airports can receive a special staff responsible for monitoring the observance of safety rules.

March 7, Putin held telephone talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. During this conversation it was noted the importance of creating all necessary conditions for the resumption of flights of Russian aircraft in Egypt and tourist exchanges.