The Federal tax service of the Russian Federation: project on the marking of the fur suggests a transitional period until 1 October

MOSCOW, March 10. A pilot project for the labelling of fur products with RFID-tags, the launch of which is scheduled for April 1, involves a transition period until 1 October. This was reported the Deputy head of Federal tax service (FTS) of the Russian Federation Dmitry Grigorenko, speaking at a forum on the labeling of fur products.

“The project will start from April 1, six months October 1, there will be a transitional period during which sanctions (for violations) will be absent for a comfortable entry into the process,” he said.

During this period sellers will be able to enter in legal field, that is to precipitate, fur products, which were acquired before 1 April 2016, said Grigorenko.

“As for the rest, it is called (in the system – approx. ed.) their coats, which were bought before the start of the marking system, and for them there is a transition period, probation six months, during which time coats are marked with the note that this remains”, – said the Deputy head of the Federal tax service.

RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification, radio frequency identification of goods) capable of storing data and transmitting them in a contactless manner using radio waves.

Labeling of fur coats is a pilot project in the framework of creation of Uniform system of labelling goods to the EEU. The agreement on the launch was signed by the EEC in September 2015 Until the document has only been ratified by Kazakhstan, in other countries everyone is ready for this procedure, explained in the press service of the EEC. It is assumed that the import and sales of fur products in the countries of the Eurasian economic Union without a special chip from 1 April 2016 will be banned. Such a measure is introduced to combat counterfeiting.

The launch may be delayed

The pilot project for the labelling of fur products in the EEU countries, may be delayed by 20 days. This was reported to journalists on the sidelines of the forum on the labelling of fur products, the Minister for trade of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) Veronika Nikishina.

While the EEC believes that by April 1 all countries of the EAEU will ratify the agreement on the labelling of fur products with RFID-tags, she noted, however, some countries may not be able to do it technically.

“We see a serious intention of governments to do this. But there is a small risk that is associated with the fact that now in Belarus the intersessional period, and there will be a meeting of the Parliament scheduled for April 4th, which objectively makes it impossible for ratification by April 1, if you do not carry out intersessional procedure, as we know, the Belarusian side is working,” said Nikishin.

If the ratification of the Minsk agreement will occur on 4 April, “because under the agreement procedures a maximum of 20 April as we put a final date,” said the Minister.

The share of gray fur products on the market of the EAEU countries, according to experts, amounts to 70-85%, she added.