The Parliament of Karelia has approved in the first reading the bill of introduction of a post of the Prime Minister

PETROZAVODSK, March 10. /Corr. Igor Lukyanov/. Legislative Assembly of Karelia adopted in the first reading the bill on introduction in Republic of a post of the Prime Minister, the correspondent from the meeting of the regional Parliament.

For the resolution amending the Constitution of Karelia, voted 34 deputies, against – 8. Only the legislative Assembly of the Republic of 50 parliamentarians.

To change the Constitution of the Republic the bill is to approve two-thirds or 34 MP.

It was planned that the Karelian Parliament on two extraordinary meetings to consider the draft law in three readings. After the break, on the proposal of Deputy speaker of legislative Assembly Sergey Pirozhnikov question was not included in the agenda of the second session.

“The Constitution has a special procedure for the adoption. In 15 minutes, as we are going through here today, such issues are not solved. It is necessary in normal working order, not popinjay the spirit of the law, to accept the changes at the next meeting,” said pirozhnikov.

In the second and final reading amendments to the Constitution of Karelia deputies, according to the speaker of legislative Assembly Vladimir Semenov, will consider on 24 March.

March 3 head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen has made to the national Parliament a draft law on changes of the Constitution and introduction of the post of first Deputy head of the region – Prime Minister of the government of the Republic. As stated in the explanatory note, the draft law “prepared in order to improve the efficiency of the government of the Republic of Karelia, bodies of Executive power”.

Press Secretary of the head of Karelia Marina Kabatek said that the candidacy for the post of Prime Minister of the government of the Republic Alexander Khudilainen is already there, but didn’t name.

In the summer of 2010 the legislative Assembly of Karelia abolished the post of Prime Minister of the regional government, this time it was headed by the head of the Republic.

The President of the Russian Federation on 17 February reprimanded Alexander Khudilainen “in connection with a breach of the obligations on the organization of resettlement of citizens from emergency available housing”. February 18 Khudilainen has sent the Republic government in resignation. New its composition should be formed in March.

Currently the government of Karelia consists of 11 people: head of Karelia, eight Vice-presidents, the Ministers of Finance and justice.