A friend told me about the last days of Lesina in Washington

Director Vi Sergey Vasilev in interview to “Kommersant” told about the last days of the former information Minister of Russia Mikhail Lesin, whose body was found in the room of Dupont Circle in Washington on 5 November 2015.

Vasiliev, who explained that he was friends with Lisinym more than 20 years, said that Lesin in Washington came at the invitation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank group “alpha Bank” Peter Aven. “In Washington he was called Pyotr Aven. <…> But, unfortunately, not met,” — said Vasilyev.

According to him, Lesina in Washington was a failure, “associated with alcohol”, which at night he left the hotel, where he lived in the neighborhood with friends. “This is happening there. With him were his old friends, and I know them, they live in America. They tried to stop him, then he left the hotel, where they lived side by side, like before, settled, as I understand it, into the first, where it all happened” — said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

On the issue of injuries on the body of Lesina, which on March 10 said the American forensic experts, Vasiliev answered that Lesina and earlier were “failures”, when he inadvertently inflicted a serious injury. “I can only say, that when Misha before there were failures, there were cases when he fell, unwittingly inflicted injuries, including those severe enough. And I would never want to talk about it, but still such cases known,” — said Vasilyev.