Arkady Gaydamak was released from detention with an electronic bracelet

According to the TV channel TF1, Gaydamak, in 2011 was sentenced in absentia by a French court to three years imprisonment, was released. A limitation for him was a bracelet, which the businessman should wear so that the authorities knew about his whereabouts.

According to the Agency TASS citing Gaydamak lawyer Patrick Klugman, the businessman was released for the implementation of the social project, “affecting the areas of cooperation between representatives of different cultures and religions”.

In 2009, Gaydamak as part of the investigation “Angolagate” was sentenced in France to six years in prison for illegal arms deliveries to Angola, tax evasion and corruption.

According to the indictment, Gaydamak together with French businessman Pierre Falcone has arranged delivery to Angola tanks, combat helicopters and ships, as well as a large number of shells and mines worth nearly $800 million as a result Falcone was sent to prison, and escaped from French justice in Israel, Gaydamak was convicted in absentia.

In 2011, the Paris court of appeal modified the judgment Gaydamak, reducing the term of imprisonment, finding that the defendants had not engaged in illegal arms trade, and acted for the government of Angola. At the same time, Gaydamak found guilty of tax evasion and money laundering, for which he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment and a €375 thousand fine.

24 November 2015 Gaydamak voluntarily arrived in the Paris region gendarmerie

where he was remanded in custody.